Regeneration Service

The Regeneration Service is performed with technologically advanced machinery and highly qualified personnel: the sharpening operators take years before gaining the necessary experience to be able to exercise it.
Regeneration gives the scissors a sharpness very similar to that possessed at the time of purchase.
The treatment is reserved exclusively for customers who have purchased Joewell, Yasaka and Tohri scissors.
For the Regeneration, it is essential that the scissors have not already been sharpened.


Service dedicated to Joewell, Yasaka, Tohri scissors


The Regeneration Service is carried out in Japan, in the industrial plants of Joewell, Yasaka and Tohri


Send an e-mail, call Mikado S.R.L. or send the scissors directly to the operational headquarters in Via Appia Nuova, 226 Rome entering personal information and the shipping address.


Refurbished scissors will be shipped within 40 - 50 days to the customer's designated location.

COST: € 120,00 / PZ

The shipping costs and insurance (about 25 €) are added to the cost of the Refurbished scissors.


Payment must be made in advance by bank transfer or credit card.

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