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The ICON model of Italian hair styling: “Her Majesty Yasaka Classica! With its first and only one of its kind blade sharpening system, this model has been the favorite tool of every hair stylist and barber for 40 years, from the most famous at least once every professional in the sector has owned this model in his toolbox at least once.


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Yasaka is the factory of ancient Japanese art and manufacturing tradition.
With its first and only one of its kind blade sharpening system, Yasaka has produced models so iconic that they continue to find fascination and curiosity even for the layman.
The secrets and mastery of knowing how to create a blade with a perfect shape and an unmatched cutting capacity make this brand popular abroad and among the most famous in Italy.

The ATS-314 used in the manufacture of the Yasaka professional scissors collection is produced by the Hitachi Metals company and is not the traditional steel commonly used to forge any blade.

The Yasaka ATS-314 has a special matrix whose composition has been enriched by other components and further improved to adapt it to its intended use, i.e. for the production of scissors for cutting hair.
Cobalt and other materials are added and the workable hardness has been improved.
Furthermore the carbide structure has been strengthened and improved
The period in which the blade cuts well lasts a long time.

The scissors in question are the Yasaka Classic model, the best-selling model in Italy.
The handle is symmetrical and the instrument is entirely made of ATS-314.
The Yasaka Classica model has an exceptional cut quality and the measures of the whole series are 4.5 – 5.0 – 5.5 – 6.0 – 6.5 inches.
The difference between the 6.0 inch and 6.5 inch size concerns only the width of the grip rings which for the 6.5 inch size is larger while for the 6.0 inch it is standard, as in the other sizes.
The blade length between 6.0 and 6.5 inches is the same.
The ease of handling of the instrument allows for a comfortable cut, the excellent cutting precision allows the execution of multiple techniques while preserving the stress of the wrist (carpal tunnel).
we suggest the use of the Classic Yasaka for the Blunt Cut, for the Scissors over Comb and of course for precision work.
The Yasaka DRY series is recommended for slicing and stroke cut.
Correct use allows for a considerable duration over time.

As mentioned, it is available in the following sizes:

4.5 “(Classic Yasaka SS-45)
5.0 “(Classic Yasaka S-50)
5.5 “(Classic Yasaka SM-55)
6.0 “(Classical Yasaka M-60)
6.5 “(Classical Yasaka L-65)


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