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A very popular model in the Land of the Rising Sun for its extraordinary cutting performance. The Joewell JGC-12s feature a 12-tooth flat toothed blade for an 80% Cut Ratio. They can be used to cut short and to thin at the same time even sliding on the length of the hair. It cuts in a practical and fast way, creating a shape with jagged effects.

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Cut & Thinning (12 teeth)



Among the most used scissors in Japan, the Joewell JGC-12 are ambivalent as they allow you to cut short and create delicate textures at the same time. The Joewell JGC-12 are counted among the “Cut & Thinning” scissors precisely for this dual function. The cutting techniques that can be performed with this particular Joewell model are many: the stylist can cut short by placing the instrument on the comb creating a soft gradation (Scissor Over Comb), reduce the volume of the locks by inserting the scissors diagonally or vertically in the section of hair performed (Blunt Cut), act on the final part of the lengths (Point Cut). Finally, the Joewell JGC-12 can be an excellent finishing tool (ear contour, neck, fringes). The 12 flat-shaped teeth that make up one of the blades of the model, take a quantity of hair that can easily perform the slicing and stroke cut. In fact, the flat shape of the tooth does not pull the hair when working at speed unlike the “V” toothed scissors. The classic toothed scissors, used for example for the nuances of men’s cuts, having the terminal part of the tooth in the shape of a “V”, are perfect for thinning and lightening the volume of the hair through the simple opening and closing of the instrument by acting on the principle of lever, but they are not suitable in principle for slicing and stroke cut: in the long run, in fact, when they wear out, they will start to pull the hair causing discomfort to customers and to the professional himself.

On the contrary, the toothed scissors with the end part of the tooth in a flat shape are effectively suitable for this purpose (Slicing and Stroke Cut) The Joewell JGC-12 are asymmetrical and made of Supreme Stainless Alloy. The 12 teeth of the blades, as previously mentioned several times, are flat and wide and provide a cutting percentage of 80%. The handle comes with the traditional Joewell titanium Screw Cover to protect the Dry Bearing Screw System. The finger rest is fixed and the handle rings are large.


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