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The headquarters and the Mikado Srl sales office are located in Rome, Via Appia Nuova 226.

The company founded in 1985 by Franco Mastroddi, Masami Matsushita and Marco Mastroddi is specialized in the import and distribution B2B and B2C of professional Japanese scissors and accessories of absolute quality and excellence for the exercise of the activity of hair stylist and barber.

Mikado Srl has promoted the dissemination of traditional Japanese craftsmanship, in accordance with what has been agreed with the major local manufacturers and in compliance with the Ministry of Economy in Japan.


Mikado Italy is the online store specializing in the sale of professional Japanese scissors and accessories of absolute quality and excellence for the exercise of the activity of hair stylist & barber.

You can buy the most popular products in installments without interest and enjoy free shipping on orders over 250 euros.

Buying on you will participate in the Fidelity program, many surprises, discounts and prizes will be available for you!

Choose from over 400 models of professional scissors made in Japan customizing them as you want!

You can order scissors with the size and shape most suitable for the size of your hand and find the perfect combination of blades suitable for the cutting technique to be performed.

The Brands treated are among the oldest and most prestigious Japanese manufacturers engaged in the manufacturing of professional scissors for hair.

Joewell, founded in 1917 with a collection of more than 200 models to its credit, has the largest and most technologically advanced production site of its kind in all of Japan.
Joewell’s models are the result of continuous projects and collaborations with research institutes, foundations and universities, feedback with the most important stylists and designers in the world.
Joewell is undoubtedly the most award-winning manufacturer of professional hair scissors.
So many models have won the Good Design Award, the iF Gold Award, the Red Dot Award.
Joewell has been honored with honors and awards including the title of “Vibrant Monodzukuri” (the 300 best small and medium-sized companies).
This coveted award is given to those companies whose business model and know-how have reached the top in their field of expertise not only in Japan but worldwide.
Just think that only in Japan SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) are about 3.85 million.
In addition, Joewell is the president of the Hairdressing Scissors Consortium (HSC) sponsored by the Ministry of Economy, Economic Development and Trade in Japan for the protection and promotion of “made in Japan” in the world.
Joewell scissors are the most appreciated in Japan and overseas.

Yasaka is the factory of the ancient Japanese art and manufacturing tradition.
With its first and unique blade sharpening system, Yasaka has produced such iconic models that continue to find fascination and curiosity even for the uninitiated.
The secrets and mastery in creating a blade with a perfect shape and an unparalleled cutting capacity make this brand popular abroad and among the most famous in Italy.

Tohri, another famous Japanese manufacturer of hair scissors has created several models appreciated both in Japan and abroad.
The most famous collection together with “Shizuko” is certainly “Alucoba” with a handle with a hollow aluminum frame and a combination of cobalt blades hold the title of the lightest scissors in the world.

On are also available left-handed hair scissors, for thinning and texturing.

In addition you can buy:
– Japanese brushes, combs, razors, tools and other accessories from the manufacturers Vess, Hongo, Y.S Park, Beuy Pro Comb, Pfizz Comb, Fejiic, Fether, Leader Comb, Phon Valera and Parlux, curling irons, Babyliss and Wahl electric hair clippers, handcrafted boxes made in Italy and much more.

The more than 2000 customers will be able to take advantage of sharpening services, regeneration at industrial plants in Japan and the replacement of damaged or worn components.

The online store is owned by Mikado Srl and all rights are reserved.

Choose quality, choose Mikado Italia!