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How To Disinfect Scissors

How to disinfect scissors?

The correct way

Disinfection with Ethanol

Ethanol is suitable for the disinfection of scissors, as it does not easily damage metal. Moisten a cloth, or some cotton, with Ethanol and generously cover the entire surface of the scissors. Gently wipe and clean. Please be aware that you should not leave your scissors in Ethanol, and should wipe thoroughly after disinfection, as this can cause rusting.

Disinfection with UV rays

The effect of UV rays on COVID-19 is still not clear. However, it is said that UV rays are effective against influenza and rotavirus, which resembles COVID-19. Hairdressing scissors and UV rays are compatible because UV rays may improve their corrosion resistance.

The wrong way

Sodium hypochlorite

Please do not use sodium hypochlorite, as it is chlorine, and will damage your scissors.

Boiling water and steam

We do not recommend disinfecting with boiling water or steam, because if you do not disassemble and wipe the scissors completely, moisture may remain in the screw and scissors will rust.